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    Infinity Firearms introduces a new twist in locking systems the Tri-Loc II System (patent pending). As the name implies, the Tri-Loc II System has OD and ID 3-lobe geometry that provide multiple wide and long bearing lockup surfaces for bushing to slide and barrel to bushing fit.

    When combined with the Infinity Interchangeable Breechface (IBF) slide, the external lobes of the Tri-Loc II bushing "drop" with ease into the pre-machined slide ID relief cuts (available for .700" and .703" diameter bores) and with a slight twist to the final position, provide a zero tolerance interference fit of the bushing to the slide. An operation so smooth that a plastic bushing wrench provides all the torque needed.

    The Tri-Loc II bushing ID geometry is similarly unique. With a three-lobe geometry, the 4 and 8 oclock lobes provide a low drag-bearing surface for the support of the barrel during slide cycling. No longer are .581" diameter barrels required to be "stepped" for unlocking clearance because the nominal ID of the Tri-Loc II bushing is .585". Lockup occurs on the 4 and 8 o'clock lobes in the muzzle end of the bushing and at the 12 o'clock lobe in the aft end of the bushing. Fore and aft "lead-in" angles at the 4 and 8 oclock and 12 oclock lobes ensure ultra-smooth operation during cycling. These same unique angles create a final lockup surface with an incredibly large and widely spaced bearing area (fore and aft). No longer will your barrel have unsightly circular grooved cuts common with a tight conventional barrel bushing. The Tri-Loc II is now the bushing of choice for knowledgeable gunsmiths and pistol owners around the world.